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Post by Admin on Sun Jul 07, 2013 2:44 am

The applications process is a privacy safe one, this is the process:

- players who want to do an application to join us must create an account and post one in the "Pending application" subforum
- the application will be moved by mods in a hidden "Internal discussion" subforum, where only full guild members and the applicant have access, and where it will be discussed
- the applicant will be granted access to the topic
- after the application is solved, will be moved in a "Solved application" hidden subforum, where only full guild members have access

Regarding full guild members who dont have access (forgot to add any in the "Guildies" group), ask me for it.

Regarding the application content: you should tell us few things about yourself, your location, your gaming experience, your Uthgard chars / rr / crafters, and why the interest in our guild. Thanks.

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